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Pressure Washer Accessory Kit with 50' Extension Hose
To make our snowmaking pumps work for you year round, you will want to consider adding the Pressure Washer Accessory Kit that has been custom matched to the flow and pressure associated with this pump. Tell your spouse that next summer you promise to clean the driveway, gutters, car, truck, deck, fence, the mold from the side of the house, and anything else she wants. When you pull the trigger on the lance hooked up to one of our large pumps for the first time we guaranty a smile, it’s impossible not to. You won’t mind taking on any cleaning job with these machines knowing you won’t have to pull out that little pressure washer you bought that looks more like a small vacuum cleaner. Once you clean with one of our high flow pumps, you will never use anything else.
Item #SAH-LK50
Only $189.00
This item Does NOT ship outside the US
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This item works with:
6gpm elec pump   6 GPM Electric Pump - SAH High Volume (6gpm) snowmaking pump/pressure washer SAH-60EP Only $1898
6gpm gas pump   6 GPM Gas Pump - SAH High Volume (6gpm) snowmaking pump/pressure washer SAH-60GP Only $1998
7.5gpm elec pump  

7.5 GPM Electric Pump - SAH Highest Volume (7.5gpm) snowmaking pump/pressure washer

SAH-75EP Only $2498
7.5gpm gas pump  

7.5 GPM Gas Pump - SAH Highest Volume (7.5gpm) snowmaking pump/pressure washer

SAH-75GP Only $2698
This 3' trigger lance is matched to the flow and pressure associated with SAH's™ High Flow Pumps. You will receive a 50' all rubber extension hose. This provides greater flexibility when working in cold temperatures if you would like to use it without the wand for adding distance between your pump and snowmaker. 4 interchangeable specialized nozzles are also included.
  Nozzle Details:

Provides a concentrated spot of high pressure water allowing you to be
further from the surface being cleaned and to blast off stubborn material.
USE CAUTION with this nozzle as the force available will actually penetrate
soft materials or surfaces. Use for reaching high areas such as
under eaves. Cleaning tar, chewing gum etc. from sidewalks. Breaking
up large areas of loose paint to allow stripping nozzle to get under surface.
Removing excess mortar from brick construction. Removing rust

flakes from steel.

Provides a narrow fan of concentrated water pressure for removing paint,
mildew, etc. By testing several angles between the spray and the surface
being worked, the best angle may quickly be identified. Use to remove
loose paint from wood, masonry, metal, etc. Remove heavy oxidation,

mildew, and marine growth from boats, etc. Clean heavy equipment.

Provides a wider fan for pressure cleaning and rinsing. Use for removing
mildew, light to medium oxidation, and dirt from aluminum siding. Rinse
stripped areas. General cleaning in preparation for painting.


Provides a wide fan for cleaning and rinsing.Use for general wash-down,
light cleaning, rinsing off chemicals used in building restoration, and sweeping
driveways and parking areas.

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