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Jibs for Cribs™ Box Components
Information on Jibs for Cribs and Layout Ideas can be found at

Jibs for Cribs Box Extension

8 Foot Flat Box Extension
When a 10 foot snowboarding box just isn't long enough, begin adding extensions. The modular jib system exclusive to Jibs for Cribs™ makes it possible to expand your box to any length. Extensions must have "ends" to function as a jib.


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Jibs for Cribs Box End

Pair of Rounded Box Ends
If you want to design your own jib system, make sure you start and finish your run with an "end". If you have a package and would like to break it into smaller boxes, just add a set of ends to separate them.


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Box Hinge

Kinks (Hinging Joints)

You've got the basics down, now add some kinks. The hinging kink allows for full range of motion. By adjusting your leg height and utilizing the terrain, you determine the steepness of the angle - start small - go big!
Grease fittings are specific to the JFC Lube Tube and are designed to keep the motion smooth. Fold one box on top of the other to transport your setup.


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Starter Box System
Jibs for Cribs Snowboard Box   10 Foot Starter Box System
It all starts here!
Pimp your Box  
Personalized Banners  

Personalized Banners
Promote your event or Name your park!

JFC-BANN Call for Custom Quote
Light Kit   Light Kit
For more infor visit the Jibs for Cribs "Pimp IT" Page
JFC-LKIT Coming Soon
Personalized Banners  

Replacement Pins for the adjustable legs,
make quick changes a snap!

Personalized Banners  

When it's time to lubricate the hinged
kinks, this grease gun does the trick!

Light Kit   Make easy work of cleaning out the ends
during yearly maintenance on your box or rail.
Jibs for Cribs Starter Box System
  Thick 3/8" HDPE Surface
  Powder Coated Finish
  Stainless Steel Hardware
  2 inch Round Steel Coping
  16 inch Wide Surface
    Non-skid Rubber Feet for off-snow Applications
    Increased Stability
  Adjustable Height
    Beginners Can Remove Legs to Learn at Ground Level
    Ranges from 24 - 40 inches
  Rounded Ends for Safety
  Portable and Stores Flat
  Mounts for Custom Banners - Promote your Event!
  Ships UPS Ground and can be delivered in 3-5 days* or Expedited!


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