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Jibs for Cribs
How Does it Work?
  1. Begin with a Starter System (Box or Rail)
  2. Add Extensions to grow your System or Hinges to Kink it!
  3. Always finish with an end
  4. Adjust the telescoping leg height to suit the terrain
    and skill level of the rider

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Starter Systems
 SOLD OUT Thank you for the Phenomenal Response!!!
Jibs for Cribs™ Starter Box Jibs for Cribs™ Starter Rail
Jib Box

Jibs for Cribs
10 Foot Starter Box


Jib Rail

Jibs for Cribs
10 Foot Starter Rail


Box Packages Sold Out
Double Flat Box 2.1 Box 3.2
Jibs for Cribs 18 Foot Double Box

18 Foot Straight Box
Contains 2 Flats and Ends


Jibs for Cribs 2.1 Box Package

20 Foot Kinked Box
Contains 2 Flats, 1 Hinged Kink and Ends


Jibs for Cribs 3.2 Box Package

30 Foot Kinked Box
Contains 3 Flats, 2 Hinged Kink and Ends
Converts to a Perfect Battleship!



Rail Packages Sold Out
Double Rail Triple Rail  

18 Foot Straight Rail
Contains 2 Straights and Ends


26 Foot Straight Box
Contains 3 Straights and Ends





Extensions • Hinges • Ends
Jibs for Cribs ™ Boxes
Rounded Ends 8 Foot Flat Extension Hinging Kinks

Designing your own System?
Separating a package into individual Boxes?
Don't forget the Ends!


Grow your Box with
8 Foot Extensions


Kink your Box with a
Full Range of Motion


Jibs for Cribs ™ Rails
Angled Ends 8 Foot Straight Rail Extension Hinging Kinks

Angled Ends make for easy transitions
All jibs must have ends to function independantly


Grow your Rail.
8 foot extensions mean any length is possible



Pimp It! Light Kit Personalized Banners

Light up your box or rail for those late night sessions

Coming Soon!

Promote your Event!
Personalize your system with custom banners

Call for Pricing (860) 584-2991

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