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Here's what our happy customers say about us.


Bruce Peltier from Granby, Ma

My wife, family and friends think I’m crazzzzzy. I started making snow [using an SG4 and 1.7 GPM Pressure Washer] with the intentions of building a 5 - 6 foot pile of snow in my back yard so that my son and his friends could have a place to go sliding, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. At snow piles peak height of 29 feet from the ground, we were able to slide all the way to the house, which is 225 feet from the pile. I can’t imagine how big the snow pile would have been if I had the SG5 and the 6 GPM pressure washer, I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to see that. I have definitely been bitten by the Snow Bug.


Andrew from Sagaponack, NY

This winter was definitely the funnest and most amusing one in my whole life and I think my friends think the same thing. Thanks again SNOWatHOME for making winters filled with snow.



Steve from Delaware

We capitalized on the attention you machine brings to our business to help raise toys for tots not to mention dramatizing our synchronized light display. Thanks for your help


The Cantow Family from Mahwah, NJ

SNOWatHOME created a lot more than snow, it created a winter playground for friends, neighbors and family to come together at and enjoy.


Heather from Aberdeen, SD

We loved it so much we bought the pump and another snow machine!


The Sanders Family from Fresno, CA

On Friday, January 12th, 2007 ( a year after assembly ) my 5 year old son walked out of the house to go to school and saw the snow in his yard. The smile and joy on his face was priceless. I was the happiest dad on earth!! To all of you a Snow At Home, thank you from Fresno California!!!


The Gleydura Family from Asheville, NC

It was such a big hit with all of our friends, we coordinated and planned the cold days for snow parties on the weekend.  We would have sled riding, snow ball fights, snow angels, snowmen, a camp fire, hot dogs, hot chocolate and a fun time. Most importantly, we allowed our family and friends to experience winter as we did as children. The memories are priceless! Thank you!

Steve from Rehoboth Beach, DE

Steve from Apple Electric in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware used an SG5 to cover his Christmas display with snow to attract attention to his business, I think he did it! He wrote:

Dear Snowathome, The following photos document our first attempt at making snow-which I would say was very successful! We attracted lots of attention during the following days, which was the intent. Thanks, Steve / Apple Electric

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Christopher from Bayshore, NY

He purchased a SG5 and wrote:

Your Machine Works Great! Thanks for a Great Time...

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Bill and Ken from Blue Ridge Georgia

They purchased a SG4-LED complete, and wrote:

Thanks for giving us a WHITE CHRISTMAS and the envy of all our neighbors. The SG4 worked flawlessly as it delivered over 6 inches of the white stuff in 6 hours of operation. Your suggestion of "keeping the air hose as short as possible to prevent freeze-ups" was a good tip. I have sent some pictures of our winter wonderland. Once again.... thank you for a great Holiday and a very Happy New year to you all.

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Judy from Louisiana

She purchased a SG4-LED complete, and wrote:

Hey guys!!!! Well, last night, we finally got the right temps and the right humidity, and we made LOUISIANA SNOW !!!!! It was such a big deal that I sent in this photo to the New Orleans News WDSU-TV and they showed it on the 6 and 10 o'clock weather news. I gave them your website, in case anyone who sees the snow and wants a machine happens to call them to see where we got the machine. So, you might be getting some calls, if the station gives out the info I sent them with the photo. Anyway, it was a blast being the only people in Louisiana to have snow.....Mason, our almost four year old grandson, was the reason we bought the machine...and this photo is of him with his very first snowman....or snow kid...personally, I think it looks like a penguin, is still SNOW!! Glad I bought the machine...we are having fun with it!

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Allan from Michigan

He purchased a SG4-LED U-Build kit, and wrote:

I thought you might like some pictures from Michigan. Neighborhood kids were sledding yesterday all the way to the lake. As they do not have school Toady, I am sure they will be back. We have to make snow as the wind blows the snow off the hill in places. What fun!!

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Tom from NY

He built an internal mix snow maker from the free plans on the website, and wrote:

Here are some pictures from New York. My name is Tom and I always wanted to make snow, because of you I could THANK YOU!!! I give you more pics in Nov. or DEC.

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Ross from Alabama

He built an external mix snowmaker from the free plans on the website with great success, and sent these great pics:

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Matt from Florida

He built an external mix snow maker from the free plans on the website ... (did he say Florida?) ... and he wrote:

I just wanted to send you some pictures from December where we had some marginal conditions. We have only had two nights cold enough to even pull out my homemade snowmaking rig. Thanks for all the info and maybe next year we will have some colder weather down here.

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